UK: Curb on carbon emission will be legally forced on businesses

factory emission9 9To bind carbon reduction targets legally, the UK Government announced the capping of carbon dioxide emission by supermarkets, hotels, councils and universities within five years.

So, if you are a business or public body, and want to use more power than what is allocated to you, you have to buy low-carbon technology or purchase carbon credits on the open market. This is contained under the powers in a draft Climate Change Bill.

To help UK meet its ambitious 60 per cent cut in carbon emissions by 2050, the new legislation was published as ministers stepped up their attack on the proposals of the Tory leader David Cameron. He proposed for a new tax on frequent fliers and higher duties on domestic flights.

Tony Blair, in a television interview said that he would not give up his foreign holidays. And, it is on the part of the Government to find ways for encouraging people to be responsible,

without trying to get to the stage where you say to people in Europe that you must never travel or take the aeroplane.

Pointing on the politicians, he challenged them to show if it was possible for an economy to be

green and grow

and for individuals

to enjoy life and be environmentally responsible,

otherwise political courage on green issues

becomes somewhat suicidal.

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