Tropical glaciers vanishing dramatically!

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Not just the poles, the Equator is having its turn now! The global warming seems to be having its impact on the Equator now. Rivers of ice at the Equator are found to be melting away in this new century.

The great glaciers of Mount Kenya are found to have retreated through years, shrinking to white stains on the rocky landscapes of the 16,897-foot peak.

With the tropical glaciers, some 200 miles due south of the Mount Kilimanjaro are found to be disappearing astonishingly, to the west, in the heart of equatorial Africa, the ice caps atop Uganda’s Rwenzoris are shrinking fast.

Almost every glacier of more than 300 of those studied worldwide is retreating dramatically! This is reported in the journal Geophysical Research Letters’ October issue by international glaciologists.

They believe that this worldwide phenomenon is ‘essentially a response to post-1970 global warming!’

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