This Week (4-10 Dec): The Best of Environment Blogs

industrial society

The environmental blog, claims that Industrial Society destroys mind and environment. It adds, ‘Emotion is what we experience during gaps in our thinking. If there are no gaps there is no emotion.’ in its article, Land of milk and money tells that critics say Horizon and other mass-production dairies don’t deserve the organic label — and that the USDA needs to come up with a real definition.

A DC Birding Blog says that it is usual for the United States, the odd man out, to refused to consider even a nonbinding agreement in the climate conference in Montreal, Cananda. It is usual for it to do this by choice and not by necessity.

The decodes the mystery of keeping one’s home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with a ‘newly electric green’ Geothermal Heat Pumps.

And Treehugger informs that after only two years of digging for bitumen near Fort McMurray in Alberta, Shell has already dug up a pit that is as much as three miles wide and 200 feet deep. It takes a lot of it since on average 2 tons of tar sand are required to make 1 barrel of oil.

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