The Oceanus Table created to felicitate eco heroes

Celebrated eco-designer Michael Yonke takes pride in awarding other environmentalists with his one-of-a-kind tables created from reclaimed wood and metal materials. The designer has created several such tables as tokens of appreciation for the eco-heroes. The latest in the lines is The Oceanus Table, which will be awarded as the Persistent Environmental Excellence Award to Sara Bayles of The Daily Ocean.

Sara worked for 365 non-consecutive days to collect over 1300 pounds of trash off her local beach. At her website, you could see photographs depicting ocean trash and other write-ups as well. Her photographs signify how we are polluting our oceans and why we need more and more of such efforts.

As far as the table is concerned, it is made from upcycled stuff like reclaimed high quality wood and metal. The Oceanus Table combines meticulous selection of material with commendable transformative art which is quite evident in the final product.

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