Sunderbans Tiger Reserve under the threat of global warming

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Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, the world’s largest tiger reserve is under the threat of global warming. Decades of poaching and depletion of the natural habitat of tigers have lowered down their number.

It is the world’s largest mangrove reserve and one of the most unique ecosystems in South Asia, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to the wildlife experts rise in the sea levels and coastal erosion caused by global warming are gradually shrinking the mangroves of Sunder bans, which is threatening the survival of the endangered tigers.

Pradeep Vyas, the special chief conservator of forests said:

We are very worried about the tiger’s prey base which may not be breeding as we liked and also the fact that the tiger habitat is shrinking due to rising sea levels.

Sunderbans was once the home to 500 tigers but may now shelter only 250-270 tigers. Moreover, if the global warming continues to mount at the current pace, we could witness further decline in the count.

Source: Reuters

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