Study finds La Nina might raise more severe storms!

victim of la nina disaster

The Midwest and South has recently witnessed the wildness of La Nina. But, do you know, the weather patterns controlled by La Nina have the power to raise more severe storms? U.S. scientists say that La Nina is making predictions of climate difficult.

Dev Niyogi, Assistant Purdue University Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and Agronomy said,

La Nina weakening should lead to a somewhat average spring season, both in terms of temperature and precipitation… However, that is deceptive because historically La Nina usually leads to wide swings in weather conditions. So, even if the average conditions would be somewhat normal, a La Nina spring is notorious for a rollercoaster weather pattern.

Besides the good side of severe storms, which produce lots of rain to overcome drought conditions, La Nina is being feared for its negative impacts of rising tornadoes, lightning and flash floods.

Via: Physorg

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