Reliance Energy threatens India's Chikoo farming

chikoo farming

That India has never kept ‘environment’ high on its agenda is revealed from the fact that the chikoo belt of India is badly threatened by the country’s largest company Reliance Energy. This is revealed by an investigation by CNN-IBN. This belt is a part of the fragile ecosystem of North Maharashtra.

The thermal power station own by Reliance Energy throws out huge amount of sulphur dioxide, endangering chikoo farming. Chikoos seem to be in abundant supply here, but it is claimed to have fallen dramatically at present.

Complaining about the yield fallen dramatically, 45-year-old chikoo planter Noshir Irani says,

I will say the production is 80 per cent less than what it used to be!

Blaming the power station for this decline he further says,

It’s because this 500 MW-thermal power station. It is creating so much heat that it is altering the climate of Dahanu.

True, the power station is located in an ecologically fragile region, as declared by the Supreme Court! But, according to environmentalists, the station is to be blamed for the area’s environmental degradation. And this is proved by the ‘black deposits’ that lines the Dahanu beach, which was once considered pristine.

Though Reliance Energy refuses to talk on the issue, Dahanu residents would prefer continuing their fight against the power plant.

Via: The Business Edition

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