Soaring Pollution Leading Arctic to the Brink of a Climatic Disaster

pollution in arctic

Researchers have been for long crying out the disastrous effects of climate change occurring from global warming. But, recently researchers have uncovered compelling evidence that indicates Earth’s most vulnerable regions – the North and South Poles – are poised on the brink of a climatic disaster!

Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere near the North Pole are now rising at an unprecedented pace. This is found by the scientists, at an atmospheric monitoring station in the Norwegian territory of Svalbard.

This key cause of global warming, in 1990, was rising at a rate of 1 part per million (ppm). And recently, the rate has reached 2 ppm per year! Now, it is discovered to be rising at between 2.5 and 3 ppm at the Mount Zeppelin monitoring station.

Via: The Guardian

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