Reducing Energy Waste While Working From Home

Because of the pandemic, remote work has been on the rise, which means more people get paid while being at home. It could be for answering support center calls or going through a bunch of files for a data entry job, regardless of the job, there are many work from home positions that employees get many benefits from.

Obviously, there are several disadvantages. One being that people should think about the wasted energy that is generated from this type of work. On the plus side, there’s many ways to decrease extra energy usage while working at home.

For one, it’s suggested to unplug anything you are not using. Utilizing a power strip for all the cords and chargers and turning them off at the end of the day is beneficial. Doing this cuts down on phantom energy use. Turning off the lights when leaving a room is another example of this. While discussing lights, a good way to lessen waste is to switch from normal bulbs to LED ones. The LED ones are sustainable and use almost 75% less energy than the normal ones.

One more way to save is to look around for the top electricity rates. Depending on where you live, you could purchase your energy from other suppliers at lower rates. One last tip is investing in Energy Star certified equipment for your office. Whether it be monitors, computers, or printers, these necessities for the office use less energy to do day to day tasks. In addition, they enter low-power mode automatically when they are not being used, making it easier to prevent wasted energy.

Regardless of the approach you decide to take, it is important to make the change now. That way, you lessen your carbon footprint as well as save on your utility bills sooner.

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