Reducing Carbon Emissions is Not as Easy as Previously Thought

carbon emission

Are you serious about halting global warming across the world? We all know, the solution to this lies in the reduction of carbon emissions over the next century. But, not only to the extent it was previously thought. It is to be reduced by as much as 230 billion tonnes more, than previously thought, according to new research from the University of Calgary. This means that industrialized nations will have to cut back even further their use of fossil fuels, which are the main sources for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In order to stabilize CO2 in the atmosphere, we have to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide dramatically. But, the question is, by how much? And what information do we need in order to set appropriate emissions targets? To allow for the possibility of adverse effects of climate changes on natural carbon sinks, how much future emissions need to be reduced is showed by Dr. Damon Matthews, a post-doctoral fellow in the University of Calgary’s Department of Geography! Matthews’ research paper is one of the first to look at how carbon cycle feedback loops could affect efforts to stabilize CO2.


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