Recycled Fashion: Strode College students create Cardboard Couture costumes

Strode College students create Cardboard Couture costumes

You seriously do not need to master fashion designing techniques to express your eco sensibilities in apparels you wear or want others to wear. All it takes to design and create that nigh perfect eco dress is a bit of ingenuity and some skillful efforts as well. Just recently, a fresh bunch of Art and Design students at Strode College came up with cardboard couture costumes for the college catwalk. They worked in small groups to fashion stylish cardboard apparels, dubbed as Rio, Peacock, Bird of Paradise, Angel, Tribal Warrior Bird, Corpse Bride, Roman Angel, Shakespearian Axeman and Trojan Fish.

According to Duncan Cameron, Strode College’s Sculpture teacher,

We always kick of the year with a project to warm up the students’ creativity after the summer holidays and to get them working together. They’ve shown great design and construction skills and created some fantastic costumes using only recycled cardboard, brown tape, paper and string. We’ve had a great time working with them – watching their ideas develop and their confidence grow. I think we’re in for a great year of art and design at Strode.

Have a look at some of amazing cardboard couture costumes created by Strode College students:

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