Present global climates may vanish along with 1000s of species in just 50 years: Scientists predict

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Just half the century to go and the world’s present climates will altogether vanish and will be replaced with previously unseen climate types!

This is predicted to be the direct result of global warming. Along with the climate change, global warming would take thousands of species with it. John Williams at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, US, and colleagues predict this future of the planet.

John Williams have carried out the first global assessment of –
‘How all of the Earth’s local climates will be affected as it heats up.’

The new unseen climates will give the world hotter temperatures and more rain. And, it would emerge in regions that are more tropical — particularly the Amazon and Indonesian rainforests.
Williams says,

It’s the coldest climates that would be replaced. They would be similar, in 100 years time, but several degrees warmer, so glaciers would retreat and ice would disappear from mountains such as Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

What we’re concerned about is what happens to the species in these regions!

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