Ozone Layer Recovery May Take Longer Time Than Expected: Scientists

ozone layerecovery will take a long time

We all know the layer of ozone in the earth’s upper atmosphere protects life from harmful ultraviolet radiation. But it is unfortunate that we have damaged it by continuously producing and emitting artificial chemicals. And now, scientists fear that it may take a decade or two longer to recover than previously thought. The ozone layer had been expected to return to its 1980 condition by about 2050.

There is nothing to relax with. Rather, we need to take initiative to help repair the wounds we created. If we continue to use the chemicals – chlorofluorocarbons, or CFC’s, it would delay the recovery until about 2065. The scientists’ these new measurements and computer simulations were revealed at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The United States and Canada still account for about 15 percent of current emissions, despite a ban on producing the chemicals in industrialized countries and the ready availability of substitute chemicals. The factor behind this accountability is CFC. The CFCs are still in use in older refrigerators and air-conditioners largely.

Via: Los Angeles Times, ABC News

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