Orchid that fertilizes itself!

holcoglossum amesianum

An orchid that fertilizes itself! Yes, it does not depend neither on insects, nor wind for pollination – it is self-dependent, rather independent. This procreating orchid is found in China. It’s named Holcoglossum amesianum. It is reported in this week’s Nature.

This new type of orchid thus can flower in the Yunnan province of China’s windless conditions. Amazingly, the male part of the flower defies gravity to fertilize the female one, by twisting the male part into the necessary shape required. This is found by a team scientists led by LaiQuang Huang of Tsinghua University.

To ensure that the pollen reaches the egg, the plant does not take the help of sticky fluids or any other methods used by self-pollinating plants.

Via: Forbes

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