Natural Resources Defense Council: Academy Awards to go green

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The Film Industry’s Biggest Night is to become accountable for its carbon footprint. Nation’s Leading Environmental Organization Initiates First-Ever Program to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Inspire Positive Environmental Change and hopefully the viewer masses will follow suit.
They set a huge example for an estimated 40 million viewers at a time when global warming, soaring energy demand and threats to forests and animal habitats are the focus of rising national attention.

Mr. DiCaprio said:

For the first time in the history of the Oscars, environmentally intelligent practices have been thoughtfully integrated into the planning of tonight’s event to make our world healthier and help combat the threat of global warming.

Green initiatives Results included:

Energy audit of Kodak Theatre; efficiency plan and recommendations.
Renewable energy credits were purchased from Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset carbon emissions from pre-show, red-carpet event, Oscar telecast, and Governor’s Ball.
Use of ecologically superior paper for telecast and non-telecast event materials such as nomination ballots, envelopes, press materials, programs, invitations, and certificates.
Hybrid vehicle transportation provided for presenters and staff.
Comprehensive recycling system instituted for event waste.
Crew meals and craft services included reusable service materials and accessories, post-consumer tissue products, and biodegradable dishware.
Governors’ Ball menu featured organic and environmentally-friendly food, including seafood, dairy, produce, and even the large chocolate Oscar.
Left-over Governor’s Ball food donated to Angel Harvest.
NRDC hopes to advance cultural momentum towards environmentally intelligent production and consumption by other mainstream businesses and organizations. On a personal front, do follow your favorite stars on the green initiative.


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