Michigan experiencing rapid global warming!

pollution from a michigan power plant

Global warming is accelerating in Michigan! Yes, its increasing pollution has reached a state that is 46% more compared to that in 1960. This study is released by Environment Michigan Research and Policy Center, according to a new report.

According to the report, electric and auto industries should be blamed for this state of the pollution level. The Michigan residents can actually help protect against global warming pollution every day. To find a solution to this, fuel efficiency of vehicle and coal-fired power plant curbing need to be increased, as an immediate step.

Kate Madigan of Michigan Environmental Council said,

As a state, we could be moving towards using more renewable, clean energies like solar and wind-powered energy. We can be addressing the emissions, the global warming pollutions coming from our automobiles, be requiring stricter standards on auto emissions. We could be doing a lot to address global warming in Michigan.

Via: 6 News

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