Melting ice threatening Inuit of their traditional lifestyle

inuit lead a remote lifestyle

Global warming seems to be spreading its tentacles far wide into the remote Arctic village of Puvirnituq, in Northern Quebec. For the past six years, the habitants there have been experiencing Spring arriving in the area earlier and earlier. Puvirnituq is situated just south of Baffin Island.

Inuits are not that oblivious of the upheavals, as it was in the 1960s they were forced to move out of their igloo camps. Government-subsidised prefabricated villages along the coast were then their shelters.

They are surviving with their remoteness of lifestyle. It is not that easy for them to move out of the land so easily. Their traditional way of life makes them cling firmly onto the region.

But the alarmingly changing landscape is making it difficult for them to adapt. Astoundingly, more than 1 million square kilometres of sea ice has melted in just three decades! The ice sheet is by now already 40 percent thinner. Is there actually any remedy in the hands of humans?

Via: The Sydney Morning Herald

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