Mayas Civilization Developed Earlier Than Thought: 2000-Year-Old Mural Reveals

odyssey of the guatemalan jungle5

Mayas civilization developed much earlier than previously accepted! The oldest known Mayan painting inside a ruined pyramid deep inside a Guatemalan jungle, is suggesting this new concept. Archaeologists, who dug up this painting, claim that the mural dates back to around 100BC. The main nine-metre (30ft) wall of the mural shows the son of the Corn God creating the Mayan mythical and physical world. The paint-on-plaster mural depicts the Mayas’ creation myth with an elegance and finesse.

All credit goes to Mr Saturno of the University of New Hampshire in the US. It was in 2001, the scientist stumbled across the mural in the remote site of San Bartolo. He was trekking through the jungle looking for another set of ruins. It has been preserved underground for more than 2000 years. It is remarkable that the cool underground temperatures did not allow the oranges and yellows, reds, greys, grey-blues and flesh tones go dull.

Via: The Guardian

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