Killer Whales: Most Contaminated Mammals in the Arctic

orcas killewhale

It has overtaken the polar bears at the head of the toxic table. They are the killer whales – or ‘orcas’, as they are sometimes known. Among all Arctic mammals, orcas have ingested the highest concentration of hazardous man-made chemicals. Norwegian scientists have found this. Blubber samples taken from creatures in Tysfjord in the Norwegian Arctic are tested by the Norwegian Polar Institute. And they found chemicals that included pesticides, flame retardants and PCBs – which used to be used in many industrial processes. As the polar bear is the most sensitive indicator to reflect the health of the polar environment, the whales are for the marine environment. It is because they are the animals at the top of the food chain, and are particularly affected. Effective measures are to be taken immediately to save the higher tier of the food chain, as it may create havoc on the overall ecosystem.

Via: BBC News

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