Iter: Solution to the energy crisis?


By relying on nuclear fusion, EU, Japan, China, South Korea, India and the US hope to realise a future with cheap, reliable, safe and nearly waste-free power. Finalization of the plan will be signed in December and the nuclear reactor, Iter (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) will be built in Cadarache in southern France.

The predecessor of Iter is, Jet in Oxfordshire. Here, experiments are carried out whereby power would be generated though nuclear fusion and is by far the biggest of the world’s 28 fusion reactors.
With an investment of €10bn, Iter, the next generation experimental fusion reactor will be 10 times the volume of Jet. It will also produce 10 times the energy needed to get the reaction started.

Akko Mass, one of the Iter scientists states:

It’s the step where we will demonstrate scientifically and technically that fusion energy is a viable energy source.

Another Iter scientist, John Howard suspects Iter would be completed only within a century.

Skeptics, however, believe the project would be a mere waste – that it would not really produce any useable energy.

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