Is the Mystery Beast Spotted in Carolina a Rare Abnormal Fox?

mystery beast

It is around a North Carolina company, a mysterious animal is beating the bushes in the grassy fields. A Tyco Electronics employee who photographed the animal, himself said, “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

With big upright ears, and a long ratlike tail, the slender creature has a kangaroo-shaped head. Though the animal looks hairless from a distance, on closer inspection its coat reveals a sleek grayish brown look. It is in the high-tech company’s woodsy campus in Fuquay-Varina near Raleigh, the animal has roamed for two months.

According to one writer, “This could be a hairless Mexican dog.”
And another wrote, “It’s a mythical Chupacabras, a dog-like creature that stealthily roam at night and suck the blood from goats in a vampire fashion.”
Someone else suggested that “It really looks like some type of Jackal.”

An employee was driven by curiosity, and posted the animal’s picture on a North Carolina deer-hunting Web site.

Via: National Geographic News

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