India-China teams up to map the remote Himalayan glaciers' alarming melting!

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Global warming is alarmingly melting the remote Himalayan glaciers. And this phenomenon is threatening the great life-giving rivers for one of South Asia’s most fertile regions.

To chart this melting, a joint Indian-Chinese team will be going for two expeditions into some of the most remote areas of Tibet. They will be exploring two river-sources providing water to vast agriculture regions. To understand the magnitude of the disaster the melting may cause, it needs mentioning that these regions feed nearly a sixth of the population of the world!

H.P.S. Ahluwalia, of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, said,

The melting of the ice sheets and the glaciers is a crisis in the Himalayas. In three to four decades these rivers that feed more than a billion people in our society and adjoining countries will become seasonal rivers.

Ahluwalia runs the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. This is the foundation which is organizing the expedition with the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of China.

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