Illegal logging threatens Borneo's medicinal plants

illegal logging in borneoThe ‘ayurvedic’ branch of medicine survives on medicinal plants, which in turn heal a wide range of serious diseases. But, what if these pants are lost from the earth? Yes, deforestation in Borneo is leading to such worries! Blame illegal logging for this, as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) demands.

According to a report by the conservation group, these plants could be used to help fight cancer, aids and malaria. Compared to 75% in the mid-1980s, it is only half of Borneo’s forest cover that remains intact. But, if the disappearing rainforests of the heart of Borneo are not adequately protected such knowledge could be lost! The WWF warned on it.

Mike Kavanagh, Chief Executive Director of WWF-Malaysia said,

Such a declaration would ensure long-term protection to a region which might contain some of tomorrow’s most significant medical discoveries.

Via: BBC News

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