Human-Induced Chemical pollution threatens Cape Town's groundwater

kilometer cape flats aquifer 9

It is a matter of relief that the City of Cape Town’s 630 square-kilometer Cape Flats aquifer is capable of supplying the City with billions of liters of fresh water! But, the people like any other state across the world, does not seem so lucky as far as the availability of natural fresh is concerned.

It is said to be threatened by chemical pollution! But, where do these chemicals come from? As usual, we humans have contributed hugely in it! Most chemical pollutants have come from human waste, industry and agriculture, which is increasingly finding their way into the region’s groundwater – the scientific paper, entitled Contamination and Protection of the Cape Flats Aquifer reveals.

Depriving ourselves from these natural resources, the burns of our injuring the planet affects the state economy the most, in an effort to counter or correct the crisis. What can only help such crisis, are, mandatory state policies.

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