How To Get A CTP Green Slip Refund Overseas

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Are you overseas and need a CTP green slip refund? It is possible to both cancel your registration and receive a refund for the unused portion of your green slip while overseas or interstate. Here’s our guide to making a CTP green slip refund claim no matter where you are in the world.

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CTP Green Slip Refunds

A green slip refund is when your insurer pays you back for the unused portion of your green slip that has been cut short due to cancellation. In most cases, you will need to cancel your registration and have proof of that cancellation before you can claim a CTP green slip refund. This proof usually comes in the form of a letter written by TfNSW.

Are You Eligible For A Green Slip Refund?

Many people believe that you can only get a green slip refund if you cancel your registration. This isn’t necessarily true. If green slip prices fall during your coverage, you’re entitled to a partial refund. The insurer may refund the overpaid portion of your green slip coverage.

If green slip prices have fallen since you registered or renewed, check with Service NSW about how you can claim your CTP green slip refund. This can be done while interstate or overseas. For more information, read our in-depth Refund Guide.

How To Submit a CTP Green Slip Refund Claim While Overseas

Cancelling Your Registration Interstate or Overseas

Before you can consider claiming a refund, you will first need to cancel your NSW registration. This will require you to send your new address and proof of identity to a NSW service centre. You will also need to supply relevant completed forms that apply to your specific situation, your surrendered number plates or number plate receipt, and other details that you can find here.

Supplying all of this information from abroad can be difficult. In this scenario, the best option is to contact the NSW transport department directly to discuss your situation.

Claiming Your CTP Green Slip Refund While Overseas

Once your registration has been cancelled, you can claim your green slip refund. Service NSW will provide you with proof of cancellation which you will need to submit in order to receive your CTP refund.

To submit your claim, contact your insurer and provide them with the relevant documents. This can be done from overseas, either online or over the phone depending on your provider. You will likely incur a small administration fee.

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