How to Choose a Solar Contractor

How to Choose a Solar Contractor

Finding the right experts can make switching to solar energy seem less complicated than it is.

The key is to look for a skilled and certified solar company that uses top-quality panels.

With so many options available, it’s crucial to make the right choice. To help transition to solar energy, consider the following factors in this post.

But before that, let’s answer why a solar company matters.

Why a Trusted Solar Company Matters

Deciding to install solar panels is a big step for any family. Naturally, you’d want a high-quality, durable system. To ensure this, partnering with a trusted solar installer is key.

Before choosing one, it’s wise to research their past projects and read customer reviews. Skipping this research might lead to hiring a less reliable installer, leading to potential problems like poor installation, roof leaks, or electrical issues.

A top-notch solar company will help you get all the benefits and incentives, design a system that lasts, and avoid common pitfalls.

Additionally, they won’t make misleading claims or offer generic solutions. Instead, they’ll tailor their services to fit your unique needs.

Choosing The Best Solar Company

1. Choose a Local Solar Installer

When considering solar panel installation, it’s wise to prioritize local providers. This ensures easy access to installers in case of issues and supports businesses that want to improve the community. A local company typically goes beyond just profits, focusing on the broader impact on the neighbourhood.

Furthermore, these local experts are well-versed in the nuances of regional construction and electrical codes. They collaborate closely with you, ensuring the system design aligns with your energy needs, roof structure, and financial objectives.

It’s worth noting that building codes can differ across municipalities and are subject to change. Integrating with local inspectors can help installers avoid delays caused by utility requirements or changing codes.

2. Choose Expertise and Experience

When choosing a solar panel installation company, their hands-on experience is paramount. Instead of merely considering their years in business, prioritize companies with a solid history of completed installations.

While a company might be relatively new, its track record should speak volumes. Ideally, they should have more than just a handful of installations annually; anything less than a dozen might be a red flag.

Additionally, ensure they offer the type of solar panel that aligns with your requirements and that these panels are of top-notch quality.

The longevity and aesthetics of your solar system also hinge on meticulous wire management, so the company must emphasize this aspect.

3. Offer Warranties

When choosing a solar panel installation company, prioritize the warranty. While solar systems can last decades without issues, a robust warranty ensures long-term support and a good return on investment. Warranties cover labour, equipment, and performance.

However, not all warranties are the same. Key differences include:

  • Duration: Good panel warranties last at least 20 years. We use brands offering a minimum 25-year warranty, ensuring panels maintain a set power production level. Other system parts have different warranty durations.
  • Component Coverage: Beyond panels, warranties exist for inverters, batteries, and quality.

Ideal warranties to seek:

  • Performance (25-year): Guarantees 90% power generation even in the 25th year, ensuring your investment retains value.
  • Equipment (25 years): Covers tasks like replacing faulty panels and guarantees power generation by kilowatt-hour.

If these aren’t available, aim for installers offering at least a 5-year service warranty.

4. Financing Options

When considering a solar energy system, you can buy it outright, finance it, or lease it. Owning a system can be through cash or financing, while leasing means a third party holds and maintains it, making you essentially a renter.

While many solar companies promote their financing packages, it’s essential to have alternative financing options. Large national companies often push solar leases without highlighting the benefits of purchasing.

In contrast, smaller regional firms offer more flexible financing terms. Though the initial cost of solar might seem high, the monthly savings ensure a quick return on investment. Thus, evaluate all financing options before deciding.

5. Customer Feedback

To find a good solar panel installation company, check reviews from past customers. Look for positive feedback and good customer support. You can find reviews on Facebook and Google or ask the company for a list of clients.

Keep in mind that online reviews can be skewed towards negativity, so it’s essential to read them carefully and not rely solely on the average rating.

Request customer references and check the company’s website and social media for genuine customer reviews. Keep in mind that local companies may need more resources for managing their reviews compared to national companies.


Choosing the right solar contractor is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the effectiveness, durability, and return on investment of your solar power system.

You can ensure a smooth transition to clean, renewable energy by focusing on local expertise, considering warranties, exploring financing options, and thoroughly researching customer feedback.

Remember that the sun’s potential is vast, but harnessing it effectively starts with finding the right partnership.

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