How do the tiny, but 'killer' tremors occur?

wednesday july 26 2006

There is a link between tiny, almost imperceptible, tremors deep inside the earth and devastating quakes that can wipe out cities! Thus, the secrets of earthquake prediction can be unlocked with this finding’s help, according to researchers.

It has been found that the ‘silent’ earthquakes move deeply and gradually, hence producing no seismic waves. But they are dangerous! They build up pressure on the upper layers of the earth’s crust, eventually giving way to violent snaps.

A way of mapping the epicenters of these minuscule pre-quakes accurately has been found by a three-year joint project by the University of Tokyo and Stanford University. This finding could lead to improved earthquake prediction, hence help save millions of lives.

The results were published earlier this month in the journal Nature

Via: Associated Press

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