Breakfast Bars and Kitchen Counters: Making the Most of Your Social Pantry Space

Breakfast Bars and Kitchen Counters Making the Most of Your Social Pantry Space

Kitchens are the heart of every home! It’s where all scrumptious meals are prepared and served, while you make cherishable memories with your family and friends. How often have you dreamt of having a spacious kitchen that hosts the latest appliances that is not only functional but also modern? Far too many times!

What if we were to tell you that you can create more functionality in your kitchen? How, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple – breakfast bars! Breakfast bars are the perfect remedy to remodel your kitchen, especially if you are struggling with space.

Breakfast bars allow for increased space in the kitchen and are a great place to host your family dinners, thereby being an effective social addition to your kitchen space. Whether you fancy having a warm coffee while chatting with the cook or hosting holiday dinners – this is all possible, thanks to breakfast bars.

How To Make The Most Of Your Social Pantry Space

Do you often feel your kitchen space is jam-packed? Does it feel like there isn’t enough space for you to cook and assemble things? Or perhaps you refrain from buying expensive appliances because there isn’t enough room for them? Fret not, we have all been there!

However, breakfast bars and kitchen counters are a quick and easy-to-implement solution to this problem. They area practical and stylish solution that can provide additional kitchen space. They offer extra storage and countertops, so you can say goodbye to crammed-up kitchen spaces.

Before you learn of the different ways to add breakfast bars and kitchen tops to your kitchen, let us first understand what they are.

What Are Breakfast Bars?

Breakfast bars have been one of the most talked about value additions to kitchen designs. Simply put, these are extended worktops that offer space for dining as well as seating for your family.

These open counter spaces offer seating areas with stools and chairs and also provide an informal space to relax and unwind with family members.

Over the years, breakfast bars have evolved from simply having breakfast to flexible spaces with multipurpose use.

Imagine relaxing with your family over a cup of warm coffee or doing homework with your kids in your new breakfast bar. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  No wonder they’ve been a great solution to modern houses in the United Kingdom.

Kitchen Islands And Breakfast Bars: What’s the Difference?

More often than not, we tend to confuse kitchen islands and breakfast bars as the same things. But the reality is slightly different.

Typically, kitchen islands are floating countertops that aren’t always connected to your kitchen cabinets. Hence, the name ‘floating’. On the other hand, breakfast bars are open counter spaces that are primarily used for seating.

Homeowners tend to gravitate towards breakfast bars as they not only offer seating space but also under-the-counter cabinets and shelves for better storage.

A key element to bear in mind is that depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, you can consider choosing either one for your home. However, many homeowners integrate the two options by adding a raised breakfast bar into a kitchen island.

In case you have a narrow kitchen, then you can consider creating a peninsula breakfast bar for better space management. When it comes to breakfast bars, the options to experiment are limitless. 

Benefits Of Adding Breakfast Bars

Who doesn’t enjoy an open space that fosters multifunctional living whilst offering additional storage space? But if you are still in two minds with regard to breakfast bars, read on to understand the benefits of incorporating them.

1.   Fosters Open Space Living

Modern houses offer open spaces that are connected to different parts of the house such as your living room, dining area and kitchen spaces. Better connectivity through different rooms creates the illusion of a larger area. Breakfast bars are a great addition to enhance open spaces and bid farewell to overcrowded rooms.

Open spaces give you the opportunity to host social gatherings at the convenience of your home. With the holiday season soon approaching, doesn’t hosting a stylish summer party sound like a great idea?

Moreover, if you have hired buffet and catering services, your breakfast bar can still be used to seat and serve your guests. This will ensure your party is the talk of the town!

2.   Saying Goodbye to Humdrum Dining Tables

Dining tables are usually space-consuming and many people find it difficult to accommodate a full-size dining table in their homes. They fail to offer better utility and end up being difficult to manage. In comparison, breakfast bars are compact and practical in function. They not only offer a seating area but also an open space to gather family members, relax with friends and enjoy casual dining at home.

Another brilliant solution to enhance your dining experience is reaching out to caterers who are well-equipped to address all your dining needs. With expert guidance, you can leave the planning and execution to them while you have a great time with your family.

3.   Perks of Extra Storage Space

Gone are the days when kitchen spaces suffered from lack of space. Contemporary kitchen designs have paved the way for stylish and functional breakfast bars that are more convenient and flexible. But there is more to breakfast bars and kitchen tops than just that.

With breakfast bars are a great solution if you are looking for extra storage! For instance, Underthe countertop breakfast bars offer better flexibility in terms of space management. Experimenting with over the countertop breakfast bars that offer well-organised cabinets and drawers is a perfect solution to unorganised kitchen spaces.

4.   Hosting Social Gatherings

Modern homeowners love hosting social parties and gatherings at home. A critical element that ensures a successful party is to have a well-connected open area so that it’s easy to host more members without compromising on the fun.

Breakfast bars are a perfect solution for both small and large gatherings. With the summer season coming, who wouldn’t enjoy hosting a barbeque party? Maybe you want to host a casual dinner with your friends or perhaps enjoy a Sunday morning breakfast with your family members.

Breakfast bars and kitchen tops are a one-stop solution for social gatherings. They offer ample space for conversations and parties with your friends. No wonder breakfast bars are increasingly trendy these days among modern homeowners.

Ideas For Breakfast Bars and Kitchen Counters

The best part about breakfast bars is the flexibility and convenience that they offer. There are endless possibilities to experiment with, especially if you have a small kitchen. Read on to find out ways to add functional and elegant breakfast bars to your kitchen space.

1.   Using A Clear and Open Layout

You must bear in mind the positioning of your breakfast bar. Placing it close to your kitchen or island wrap brings more clarity in terms of layout. The point is to be able to access the breakfast bar without being an interruption to others in the kitchen. Experts recommend adding breakfast bars closer to the fridge as its easier to access food.

Another great solution is to add an extended island wrap to your breakfast bar. It offers spacious top and sides with better seating area. To make it stylish, ensure the material used complements the overall aesthetics of the kitchen.

2.   Consider Better Cupboard Doors

Doors can amplify the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and can offer better functionality too. For instance, consider using bi-fold doors that avoid obstructing any other furniture along the way.

Even a tall cupboard door that slides into smaller pockets can offer better accessibility to homeowners. Additionally, they offer the space to move contents of the cupboard freely especially during the morning rush in your kitchen space.

3.   Size Matters

Typically, breakfast bars are available in 1400 to 1500mm in width, hence offering better space and storage. Before you get started, it is always recommended to seek professional advice to understand the sizing needs of your kitchen.

It is imperative to bear in mind the height of the breakfast bar as this give you a fair idea of the placement of shelves above it. A pro tip would be keep the countertop deep enough so it can accommodate all your appliances. It is a better alternative to place them infront of you rather than keeping them behind closed doors.

Additionally, working with kitchen counters that have enough depth under countertops, allows for barstools to be tucked in easily, without hampering the overall sleekness.

4.   Using Better Materials And Fittings For Breakfast Bars

If you have a small kitchen, you can still make your breakfast bar appear extremely stylish and aesthetic. Opting for rich materials such as exotic stone that match your chairs and stools are a great wayto up your aesthetics.

To add a modern touch to it, you can also use glass decanters and leather stools that can alleviate the overall look and feel of your breakfast bar. To store your regular kitchen supplies, you can consider glass containers as they are transparent, reducing the hassle of finding your supplies.

We often end up purchasing kitchen items in bulk for the year round. However storing them in one place can be an uphill task as many modern houses do not have a store room.

To store such items for a longer duration, you can consider sustainable packaging. Storing them in such high quality packaging cartons can keep them save and increase their shelf life.

To Sum It Up

Its time to bid farewell to crammed up kitchen spaces that lack functionality. With the increase in breakfast bars across modern houses, house owners can now enjoy open spaces and better functionality.

Breakfast bars are a practical solution to unorgasnied kitchen spaces. Not only do they offer a multifunctional living space but also better storage facilities, especially for large families.

Additionally, its open layout lets you organise social gatherings inthe comfort of your home. Besides, the ease of adding kitchen counters and breakfast bars while remodelling your kitchen makes it the best addition for many homeowners!

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