Greenhouse gas stems shell-making ability of oysters, mussels by 10 to 25%

weakened by co2 9

With the increase of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, leading to global warming has been predicted with several devastating effects on the living earth. To add to the list of predicted destructions, global warming will have, or rather is already manifesting them, a new study has found that with the increase in the thickening of carbon dioxide by the year 2100 — oysters and mussels would not be able to make their shells in the way there are being able to now! – And, this again is to be blamed on increase in carbon dioxide level or global warming.

The increase in the greenhouse gas leads to increase water acidity in turn. This increase in acidity stems the abilities of shellfishes to calcify shells by 10 to 25 percent. Its effect in the in coastal areas could be huge, both ecologically and economically, as it is where, shellfish play vital roles.

This finding is reported by Frederic Gazeau and his colleagues at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Universite Pierre et Marie Curie.

Coral researcher Chris Langdon of the University of Miami affirmed,

There hasn’t been any data before on this.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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