Global warming triggered heat waves killed at least 27

The scorching heat waves whipping across the East and Midwest for nearly a week have already killed 27 people, leaving power outrages scattered. With temperatures rising into the 90s or higher, more than a dozen states, from Georgia to Connecticut, were still threatened with more heat waves coming.

The humidity in the Virginia Beach added on to the already unbearable 99 degrees, making it feel like 111 degrees! In several cities, (including 97 in Bridgeport, Conn.; 98 in Islip, N.Y.; and 100 in Newark, N.J., and Baltimore), the temperature soared to record levels, the National Weather Service informed.

Though temperatures dropped on Thursday after nightfall following thunderstorms, relieving people in parts of the East, people should stay prepared for the waves to hit again soon.

Via: Associated Press

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