Global warming: Melting Tibetan glaciers threaten China, other countries' economies

global warming is melting tibetan glaciers 9

Do you know that the Tibetan glaciers and the neighboring Qinghai province are shrinking rapidly? The Chinese geologists have warned about this. According to them, the ice loss threatens the China’s and other countries’ economies, the rivers of which regions are fed by the glaciers.

The tens of thousands of glaciers on high Tibetan plateau and Qinghai province store vast quantities of water, feeding the life-giving rivers to cities as far away as Bangladesh and Vietnam as they melt each summer.

But this is not happening any more! The winter snow is failing to make up for summer melting. And, as a result, a large layer of ice ‘as big as central Beijing’ is lost each year! The present fear lies with the fact that global warming is speeding up the loss, according to the Chinese geological survey.

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