Five Miniature Piglets That Can All Fit into Your Palm!

pennywell miniatures

With more and more gadgets producing their miniature types, it is now the turn for animals after bonsai of plants. They are no creatures of the wonderland, and no such imagination. These little creatures are five piglets. But, what is surprising is that they could all fit into the palm of a human hand at birth! And a British farmer is on his way to developing these pocket-sized pigs, which created a stir at a farm in Devon, England, this week.

They are bred to only reach half the size of an average pig at maturity. Known as Pennywell miniatures, they are named after the farm that developed them. Conventional pigs and special pygmy pigs from New Zealand are cross-bred to give birth to Pennywells. Six years of breeding took them to this small size, and the breeders intend to carry on until they achieve the ultimate pocket-sized pig. Congratulations and best of luck for the research.

Via: Turn to 10

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