Bangladesh: Fish population deteriorate as rivers and wetlands vanish

fishes in bangladesh 1822
In Bangladesh, fish population is declining fast as rivers and wetlands are vanishing. Criss-crossed by around 230 rivers, including three major rivers the Padma, Meghna and Jamuna, this huge water area was once highly productive for fish and contributed about 65-70 per cent of total fish production three decades ago. However, now less than 40 per cent of fish production comes from this source.

According to the experts, the wetlands, including the rivers, are declining due to the construction of dams in the upper stream inside India and the expansion of paddy fields and the contamination of water by industrial wastes.

With the help of equally unscrupulous officials, people have continued to grab wetlands filling the rivers, putting a huge pressure on wetlands in the name of either protecting floods, building shelters for the poor or enhancing food production.

There is abundance of fishes in the rivers and water bodies, which is a good resource for fish production but population explosion during the past decades and use of huge waters for cultivation, widespread use of pesticides in agriculture and pollution of waters by industrialization have gobbled up the fish resource.

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