Fact File: Bird Populations Decline Indicate Worldwide Agricultural Problems


More than 150 bird species have become extinct in the last 500 years. Now, every eighth bird is in danger. 1211 species (12 percent of the total) are threatened with extinction. Of these, 179 species are critically endangered, 344 are endangered and 688 are vulnerable.

80 percent of the threatened species have fewer than 10,000 individuals. High proportions of threatened species are found among albatrosses (95 percent), cranes (60 percent), parrots (29 percent), pheasants (26 percent) and pigeons (23 percent).

Habitat destruction, driven by unsustainability forestry and agriculture, is the biggest cause of bird decline, impacting 86 percent of threatened birds.

Nearly, 60 species classified as critically endangered may become extinct due to irreversible factors, such as natural disasters.

Most threatened birds are found in the tropics. Eight of the 10 countries with maximum threatened birds are also among the 10 nations where species endemic to only one country are found.

Most birds (more than 80 percent) are found in continents. But, majority of extinction has been on islands (88 percent).

43 percent of Arica’s important bird areas have no legal recognition. One third of threatened species worldwide await conservation.

24 percent of threatened species have begun to gain from conservation, with benefits to four percnt regarded as significant. Investment for conservation of birds is over 20mtimes higher in developed countries than developing nations.

Via: UK: BirdLife International

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