EU ready for 30% cut in greenhouse gases, but only if other heavy polluters join

green house gases 1822
Everybody talks about the global warming, environmental hazards but nobody does anything. Now is the time to go from talk to action. Curbing the green house gases is the very pressing need of today.

European Union Minister said that European governments would be ready to cut emissions by 2020 to 30 percent below 1990 levels, from a current pledge of 20 percent but wants the other heavy polluters to join.

EU officials also want other parts of the world, including the United States(one of the biggest polluter), to adopt European-style restrictions on emissions to fight climate change and to create a more level playing field for European business to compete globally at a time when the EU is toughening regulation of sectors like air travel, car manufacturing and construction.

Sweden and Denmark were the only countries that supported a unilateral 30 percent target but Finland, Poland and Hungary resisted the 20 percent target to cut greenhouse gas emissions. They did not block the process but did express reservations about how the burden would be shared across the 27 EU nations.

There will be less pressure on poor countries to make big reductions because they needed to catch up economically with more developed parts of Europe.

Germany, the biggest European economy is ready to cut its own emissions even if there is a broader agreement.


Source: International Herald Tribune

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