Eco Bloggers to Follow on Instagram to Start Living a Greener Life

Eco Bloggers to Follow on Instagram to Start Living a Greener Life

Ecology has suddenly become extremely “trendy” after the pandemic hit us – people started questioning their lifestyles, saw how much litter they actually produce (including medical gloves and masks) and felt like they have to do something about it. Many new blogs and social media pages appeared around that time, and it is no wonder why: to change something about your life, you need loads of new information.

Instagram is always catching up on trends up to the front – and it is no wonder why as well. Its niche is highly saturated with talented bloggers and content creators, and there are many people who are coming here new every day. Eco bloggers were there a long time before, but during the last years have gained way more popularity as their content became much demanded. Climate crisis, global changes and pandemic have made us all question, “How much better could it be if we’d started caring about the environment?” If you’re in this boat too, this article is for you: we have gathered 7 great bloggers who post about ecology and give helpful pieces of advice on how you can change your life.

But first of all we’d like to say several words about how you can choose a blogger whom you can trust and whose pieces of advice you can rely on. There are several clues that we can give: first of all, a number of subscribers is not the main metric that you should be orienting on. Yes, it has to be big, and even if a person has used a chance to buy Instagram followers back in the day to boost their blog, later they have probably proved that their content is worth viewing anyways – what we’re trying to say is that the story of a blog’s development is different for everybody and this is okay, and this is not the thing to build your whole trust upon.

Look at the resources that a blogger uses to prove their words right: if they are relying on official and approved studies, if they are operating by the actual data and if they are open for discussion and for the audience questioning their words. Those three are main principles that a “decent” content creator should be basing their publications and their online “existence” upon. Now let’s get to the rating, that’s why you’re still on this page, aren’t you?

1. Greta Thunberg @gretathunberg

She’s not going to give you many helpful pieces of advice on making your life greener, but we think it is important to be aware of the ecological agenda and keep in touch with the political changes and demands around it. This girl has made a long way towards the position she’s in today, so this is not only an ecological, but also a motivational speaker for all of us.

2. Venetia La Manna @venetialamanna

If you’re having troubles struggling with your fast fashion obsession, this blogger is going to make you stop in a day of reading her posts. She’s all about reducing your environmental impact, buying less and smarter, supporting circular fashion and manufacturing and living as sustainably as possible. She makes great podcasts which we also highly recommend you to listen to!

3. Kathleen Elie @consciousnchic

This girl will help you believe that sustainable lifestyle and shopping are not boring, with her interesting tips and catchy posts she will assure anybody that living greener and more aware life is something that can be not only helpful to the environment, but also interesting and even adventurous. Follow her for encouraging quotes and highly helpful tips on how to live your daily life with less harm to the planet.

4. Shia Su @_wastelandrebel_

Reducing waste is a key step to living aware of the harm that we’re bringing to the planet daily and being able to minimize it. You can follow this blogger to get the mind-blowing facts about what litter can do to our environment and learn how to make it stop (for you and your family and friends, at least) – hacks, tips and routines on how to sort and utilize different types of trash can be found in her blog.

5. Niomi Smart @niomismart

Our parade of unbelievable female eco bloggers continues Niomi, who has created a line of eco-friendly beauty products and talks to the audience about a cleaner and greener caring routine. She also tells about sustainable beauty and clothes brands, shares her daily life (aware of the eco problems and struggles) and sometimes puts forward recipes of delicious bakery… so stay tuned for all of that!

6. Deliciously Ella @deliciouslyella

If you need to dig into the theme of a plant-based diet (which is also a big contribution to the greener lifestyle) you can turn to help from Ella, who daily shares many interesting and yummy recipes of vegan based dishes. Those recipes are not miserable mock-ups of regular dishes, oh no, using them you can dive into the world of vegan food with pleasure and lots of benefits for your health.

7. National Geographic @natgeo

This one is not specifically about the eco-friendly lifestyle, this one is about motivation to live like that. This is an astonishing Instagram account with beautiful shots of nature, animals and… what humanity does to Earth (not in the good way). They also put forward texts filled with interesting facts and news about the environment and our impact on it, so going through it every now and then could be your own motivation to reduce waste, become more aware of what we do to the planet and live a greener life. 

Summing up

Choose “your” bloggers not according to how many subscribers they have (but we’d also like to note that if you want to pick beginner eco-bloggers who are using a chance to buy real Instagram followers now to boost their profiles and support them – this is also a great thing to do and a contribution to the world’s eco community for sure) but according to what type of content they put forward and how decently they are checking the info that they share with the masses. Find your own motivations to live better and more sustainably then before: let’s be honest, it is going to affect you way more than any blogger’s posts on IG. Good luck!

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