Drought Killing East Africa's Sanctuary-Wildlife, Effecting Annual Migration

Drought is searing high in parts of South Africa. Mercilessly killing dozens of hippopotamuses and other wild animals in Kenya and neighboring Tanzania, it does not seem to soften its cruelties. The phenomenon has disrupted the annual migration of wildebeests and zebras between the two East African nations, according to conservation officials.

So far, the drought has killed at least 60 hippopotamuses in Kenya’s wildlife sanctuaries! After elephants and white rhinos, hippopotamuses are the third-largest living land mammals. And they need large quantities of water or mud to cool bodies.

In search of pastures and water, Maasai warriors and others are driving tens of thousands of cattle inside Kenya’s wildlife sanctuaries, hence risking attacks by wild animals, Kenya Wildlife Service spokeswoman Connie Maina said.

Via: Environmental News Network

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