Cool and Preserve Your Veggies Naturally with L’îlot 2.0 Modern Refrigerator

When we talk about going green and saving energy through a variety of techniques, one of the most prominent aspects that we consider is that of heating and cooling. When we heat or refrigerate products, it consumes a lot of energy.

To take a greenerapproach on this, we will need to move towardseco-friendly products. Audrey Bigot has designed one such cooling product, which is a modern-style refrigerator topreserve your fruits and vegetables in a nature-friendly manner. Read on to know how it works and benefits you.

Refrigerator design and concept

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To design a green refrigerator that could conserve fruits and vegetables, as well as conserve energyrequired a lot of search and prototyping on the part of the designer. She tried various techniques of refrigeration before arriving at an old technique of creating adesert island with wet sand. This used to be a part of African culture in older times

She designed a modern refrigerator called L’îlot 2.0, which is like an island that can nicely preserve your veggies.Asits parts had to be kept standalone, the refrigerator uses ceramic earthenware that is further accommodated by a container of wet sand. It has a modern kitchen trolley as its strong support base.

To make compartments, there is also the use of wooden and metal parts in this island. On the top, it has a wooden surface for cutting purposes. You can also find a funnel that not only receives water, but also reuses it.

Functionality and usefulness

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This modern refrigerator has sufficient capacity to preserve and cool your vegetables and fruits. The refrigerator tray isolates fragile veggies from large eatables. Thus, nothing is spoiled or wasted during the cooling process.If required, it also helps you replace a specific refrigerator part easily. As the breathable earthenware is kept on a base, it allows effective circulation of air.

While the sand in this earthenwareremains wet, it also keeps evaporating due to air circulation and ambient heat.Thus, it acts like a dark basement where you can easily store your eatables. With its visible design, you can also monitor and access vegetables. This motivates you to consume limitedand not create food waste. Therefrigerator additionally simplifies the process of constant irrigation for you. With the funnel use, it conserves water and reduces the maintenance needs of the device.

L’îlot 2.0 is an eco-friendly modern refrigerator that uses old food preservation technique to keep cool your fruits and veggies in a natural way. This is a simple yet effective way to conserve resources, as well as energy.

Source : Blog-Espritdesign.Com

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