Consuming Anglers' Fish may Risk Health with High Mercury Level

fish delicacy

Fish delicacies are loved in various places across the world. It is really pleasing to find your host inviting you to his place with a dish of fish delicacy. But, it’s different for the Alabama residents, who catch and consumes their own fish. Environmentalists fear that they may take too much of mercury. But how is it so that people who buy their fish commercially generally do not run the same risk? The fish sold through interstate commerce are screened to make sure their mercury levels are acceptable. The Alabama Department of Public Health monitors mercury levels in state waters and issues alerts when mercury levels are high. Fish absorb mercury from the waters they live in, a concern for environmentalists who want to make sure fish-eating Alabamians aren’t getting too much mercury as a result. People whose bodies contain too much mercury, particularly children, may have health problems as a result. Then why don’t the Government or the environmentalists take necessary steps to aware people with the mercury poisoning and provide solutions to them?

Via: Environmental News Network

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