Climate Change May Exacerbate Asia's Misery: Greenpeace

Asia’s 120mn people are already threatened by the severity of climate change, as two of the world’s mightiest rivers are at the brink of collapse. To aggravate the situation, climate change will not only create epidemic but also deepen the misery of Filipinos along with other Asians. That is what an explosive report released by Greenpeace reveals. And the Greenpeace is blaming the increasing demand and use of fossil fuel for such a consequence. To curb this, immediate measures need to be taken not only to control, but to drastically cut the use of fossil fuels such as coal. Filipino community is already over-burdened with tackling misery. Then how will it handle if adversity deepens more? As it seems far from being equipped to handle this, they must start preventing the cause then trying to cure the much anticipated disaster.

Via: India Infoline

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