China: Yellow River turns Red mysteriously!

monday oct 23 2006 9

An unknown discharge into China’s Yellow River has literally turned it ‘red’ in color! A half-mile section of the river has turned red and smelly too, after a certain discharge has been poured into the river from a sewage pipe, according to state media.

Though its nothing new for Lanzhou — a city of 2 million people in western Gansu province – to survive through a string of industrial accidents poisoning major rivers in China – as it happened last year, it forced several cities to shut down their water systems, the residents were alarmed to spot a sewage pipe that is pouring red water into the country’s second longest river.

Though it wasn’t immediately clear what was tainting this section of the Yellow River, the environmental protection officials took samples to atleast determine at the first place — whether the sewage was toxic! — according to the official Xinhua news agency.

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