China: 'Toxic' Baby bottles made of recycled compact discs seized

baby bottles

With “recycling” becoming the buzzword in the current industry trends, some are illegally and immorally banking on it to earn fast money out of it. Baby bottles made from recycled compact discs are found to contain dangerous levels of the toxic chemical – hydroxybenzene. The Chinese investigators have seized such baby bottles from factories located at the eastern province of Zhejiang, official media reported Tuesday.

According to the Shanghai Daily newspaper, the factories concerned had bought junked compact discs at a price, which is just one-third of new plastic certified safe for use in food containers.

The toxic chemical hydroxybenzene can damage the liver and kidneys, when get dissolved in heated milk. The report says that bottles have been seized from wholesale markets of various parts of eastern China, but found no such cases in Shanghai. The reports did not mention yet, if the consumers are made aware of the bottles or any case of health injuries are found.

Via: Environmental News Network

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