Cattle Ranching & Soy Farming May Half Amazon by 2050

soy farming in amazonThe Amazon could lose up to half its current area by 2050! And with this, nearly 100 native species will be deprived of more than half of their habitats and about 772,300 square miles of forest will be lost. A new report released predicts that six major water sheds and eco-regions too will be affected.

What or whom to blame for this deteriorating phenomena? These are cattle ranching and soy farming. These are increasing at a rate that will contribute further to the detriment of the forest.

According to the models, ‘if more is done to control expansion and increase protected areas, 73 percent of the original forest would remain in 2050, and carbon emissions would be reduced, the models projected.’

So, to help save the forest new ways to make domestic soy production is to be found, competing with foreign imports. Poor populations are needed to be convinced to abandon further soy farms and cattle grazing.

Via; Groovy Green

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