Q#4: Can Tourism and Home Aquariums Impact Our Oceans?


It’s really wonderful to get eco-friendly. But, did you ever find out if your eco-lifestyle makes you environmentally irresponsible? In an effort to built an artificial nature around us, we sometimes land up annihilating, rather robbing the natural ecology to get the resources. Take the case of an aquarium at the cozy corner of your living room. Do you know, over 20 million coral reef fish are sold to aquarium hobbyists every year with the vast majority of them ‘wild caught’? These coveted specimens – including the threatened banggai cardinalfish and the panther grouper – are stunned by divers who use cyanide to poison the waters around them. Sensitive coral reefs and other marine wildlife suffer the consequences of this toxic collection method. The growing aquarium trade is fueling fishing practices that are destructive to both the ocean and humans.

Via: Environmental News Network

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