Can Nuclear Power Actually Tackle Climate Change?

nuclear power plant5

According to leading experts new nuclear power stations would do little to combat climate change. An expert has hit out at what he calls the “abysmal” standard of debate on the issue in the UK.

Claims that nuclear power was the only way for Britain to meet demanding greenhouse gas targets were fundamentally wrong, Kevin Anderson, a senior research fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research said. He said: “That argument is way too simplistic. We can easily deal with climate change without nuclear power.”

A review of energy policies is launched by the Department of Trade and Industry. When it reports in the summer, it is expected to recommend building new nuclear reactors partly because of climate change fears. Though mining their fuel and dismantling them produce carbon dioxide, reactors do not. It is by 2050, the ministers have pledged to cut carbon dioxide pollution by 60%. And, to contribute to a separate 20% reduction target by 2010, new reactors would not be built in time.

Via: The Guardian

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