Australia's Greatest Waterway is Declining Drastically

mouth of the murray river

Over the last 25 years, the sand slowly takes control of the mouth of the Murray River, especially where the Murray meets the surf of the Southern Ocean and close the river mouth. It is Australia’s greatest waterway that’s declining. The undignified end to a once-mighty river system is now battling rising salinity, decreased water flows, the after-effects of drought and demands of irrigators.

In the parched continent, the river is a lifeline, feeding water from the sub-tropical north down the Darling River. It also feeds from the eastern snow fields, where the Murray starts 1,550 miles from its final destination. Also the nation’s food bowl, the Murray-Darling basin is accounting for 41 percent of the value of Australia’s agricultural produce. Taking into account its plight, the national government decided to restore it. It is now its key environmental goal.

Via: Environmental News Network

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