Artist morphs discarded bike parts into bizarre bicycles

Biking, without a doubt, is the greenest mode of transportation. Some artists, however, intend to make it greener than it’s actually by introducing the element of recycling into it. Netherlands-based Victor Sonna is one such eco-artist who creates amazing bicycle designs from discarded stuff. Aside from being greener, his bicycles are more artistic than the ones you normally see on modern bike lanes.

Through his sheer art, Victor twists, twirls and reshapes trashed bicycle parts and transforms them into one-of-a-kind bicycles. The artist intends to overcome modern humanity’s flaw that overlooks the need for recycling by proposing his structurally muscular bicycles.

Did you say bizarre? Yes, we do second your opinion though we can’t overlook the green intent that has gone into the making of these bicycles.

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