Are PETA, Greer's attacks on Irwin's Wildlife Career adding to his fan's mutilation of stingrays?

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After the Aussie Feminist icon Germaine Greer’s admonishment of the deceased Animal Planet Crocodile Hunter kicking up criticisms across the world for herself, it is now the animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that have launched an attack on the naturalist Steve Irwin – making controversial remarks about the Australian’s work with wild animals.

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Steve Irwin decided to teach his one month old son how to feed dangerous 13 foot long crocodiles so that he would know how to defend himself from the crocs!

The PETA campaigners blasted the T.V. star’s life-long work with exotic animals. PETA spokesman Dan Mathews said,

He made his career out of antagonizing frightened wild animals, and that’s a very dangerous message to send to young children

and addressed him as

a cheap reality T.V. star.

The Australian author, Greer too wrote,

There was not an animal he was not prepared to manhandle. Every creature he brandished at the camera was in distress. Every snake badgered by Irwin was at a huge disadvantage, with only a single possible reaction to its terrifying situation, which was to strike. The animal world has finally taken its revenge on Irwin.

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Steve Irwin, star of The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, was strangled by a giant, yellow python, when onlookers at a publicity event for his movie mistook his cries for help as Crocodile Hunter shtick.

Keeping aside the justifications of these comments, these criticisms and outburst — which almost certainly sparked outrage among Steve’s fans legions — has come as a blow to his grieving family. Adding to these, spoof videos and game versions of Steve’s death, insensitively posted on the internet – with industries driven to making their mega bucks out of the death – caused more grief for his family and fans.

And the result –
The icon’s fans are launching ‘revenge’ attacks on several ‘generally not harmful’ stingrays, as the scientists fear are mutilated being found dead. At least 10 of the sea creatures, the figure being increased unusually after his death have been discovered dead on Australia’s beaches in the past week.

on the queensland coast

Submerged … An uncommon amount of mutilated stingrays found on the Queensland coast could be linked to Steve Irwin’s death

Worked with naturalist Irwin at his conservation group Wildlife Warriors, Michael Hornby said he was concerned people were hunting the animals in retaliation! He commented,

It may be some sort of retribution, or it may be fear from certain individuals, or it just may be yet another callous act toward wildlife… We’re disgusted and disappointed that people would take this sort of action to hurt wildlife.

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