Arctic Ice Isn't Refreezing in the Winter for the Last Two Years! Satellites Reveal

arctic thaw

Do all these these phenomenons in the Arctic sea reveal that global warming has started having its distinct impacts on the planet? Do you know, it is for the second year in a row, a large amount of Arctic sea ice did not refreeze during the winter as it normally does!? A team of scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center based at the University of Colorado, Boulder report.

The ice that floats on top of the Arctic Ocean typically melts a bit in the spring and builds up again in the winter. When on one hand, polar bears, seals, and walruses make their homes on the ice, on the other; people living in the region rely on the ice pack for fishing and travel. What will happen to them, if this goes on happening? Even last year, a very warm winter followed by a warm summer had resulted in less ice on the ocean than had ever been recorded.

Via: National Geographic News

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