Albatross population declining alarmingly

black browed albatross

Tourists and visitors who come to the South Atlantic region only to witness the black-browed albatross may not soon frequent the islands! This is because the Albatrosses on the islands are being pushed to the brink of extinction, new research says.

It is in the short period of past 30 years that three species o the bird population, which breed on South Georgia and the outlying islands have alarmingly declined – their numbers fell by about one third!

The reason behind this decline is deep-sea fishing. You must be pondering on how can fishing lead to albatross’ death! The deep-sea fishing uses a line, embedded with a number of baited hooks, and the birds drown on these long-line fishing hooks attached to the lines, according to conservation groups. This way alone kills up to 100,000 albatrosses every year.

Via: BBC News

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